About US

Mission Statement

“…to be an ever-expanding and vital educational vehicle for use by God to work in the lives of people as they serve and contribute to others.”

It is our honor to provide a college education to individuals unable to attend traditional colleges due to family or ministry obligations.  This dream became a reality and the first students were enrolled in 1988.  

Under the expert leadership of men and women called and equipped in Christian education, International Theological Seminary has continued to grow through the years and has become a leader in the implementation of higher education by the development of new programs to meet the needs of the church and the Christian community around the world. 

International Theological Seminary has several regional study sites across the United States.

From a rich heritage of ministry spanning three generations, God has established an educational organization of integrity and power for implementing God’s purposes in the earth. With a firm foundation in post secondary Christian education, International Theological Seminary has become a strategic hub for Christian leadership today.