The Administrative Office Complex contains the Executive Offices, Faculty Offices and Student Services located in Lufkin, Texas.  Local classroom space is utilized in several additional buildings located on the grounds of local church facilities. 

In addition, International Theological Seminary is also a community of off-campus sites across the United States and around the World.  These sites have a variety of classifications and will host student populations from 10 to 500.  

Courses offered by International Theological Seminary Extensions are Bible-centered in content and application.  Group study is an excellent way to encourage comprehensive Bible study. 

Churches with adequate resources may well utilized distance learning in order to meet the needs of the general public, to deliver instruction to constituencies unable to avail themselves of courses on campus, and to allow students to benefit from educational experiences in the context of life and ministry.

International Theological Seminary has established and certified a method of extension study in an effort to meet the demand, and assist churches to fulfill their vision both locally and to the world in which education is offered at a distance from the main campus:

Extension Campus  –  An Extension Campus is a separate unit with its own core facilities, curricula, faculty, instructional resources, and with the abilities and vision to serve a region of the country. The International Theological Seminary administrative staff works hand in hand with the local leadership to develop a high quality religious campus by assisting with all phases of college growth. Oversight is provided by the administrative office of International Theological Seminary regarding course scheduling, administration, faculty and curriculum.  This institution must utilize the International Theological Seminary name in a clear and concise manner.