Our Promise

As an educational arm of the Church, International Theological Seminary seeks to serve the body of Christ in its worldwide ministry, combining the following emphases in the types of training we provide…

PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCEInternational Theological Seminary is committed to providing an academically and professionally qualified faculty whose appointments and advancements are dependent upon potential and acknowledged competence in teaching, writing, and professional practice.

MULTI-DENOMINATIONAL BREADTH International Theological Seminary is pledged to service the entire church of Christ in its various expressions whether congregational, denominational, or multi-denominational. While maintaining a multi-denominational structure, International Theological Seminary encourages its students to work within existing church organizations.

VOCATIONAL DIVERSITYIn order to meet the demands of the church today, International Theological Seminary takes seriously the apostolic description of the church’s nature – one body, many members.  For this reason, the various degree programs of International Theological Seminary are designed to provide training for a wide range of Christian service.

PERSONAL MATURITYInternational Theological Seminary believes that the church of Christ must minister to the whole person.  The ultimate objective is that every graduate be equipped to model as well as foster in others a personal maturity which is demonstrated by loving service to others and responsible Christian discipleship.