Our intent is to prepare individuals to be responsive to the call of God on their lives.  We will achieve that mission by aggressively delivering high quality educational materials and sound Biblical training to our students.  We will work hand in hand with church leadership to promote the goals and vision of the local church.

“Our graduates will embody the highest aspirations of excellence in their academic pursuits, high quality in their professional work, and victory in their Christian life.”

Simply put, our goals for our students are:

  1. To increase their competence in professional knowledge and skill.
  1. To enhance the integration of Biblical principles into their daily disciplines.
  1. To glorify God in the highest standards of Christian living while fulfilling God’s calling upon their lives.

Therefore, International Theological Seminary is committed to:  

  • Providing entry level educational opportunities to individuals desiring preparation for ministry.
  • Offering advanced and accelerated programs of study for those who are currently ministering in the field and desire further training.
  • Providing access to religious education through various methods of instruction and delivery.

As an educational arm of the Church, International Theological Seminary seeks to serve the body of Christ in its worldwide ministry, combining the following emphases in the types of training we provide…